General Members meeting in Marriott Hotel

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On June 17, 2014, there was a General Members Meeting  hosted at the Marriott Hotel. A financial presentation was given by the AMCHAM Treasury, Ms. Cambridge.

After the President opened the meeting and welcomed the members, he introduced the Treasury, Ms. Cambridge. She presented a detailed picture of the financial state of AMCHAM. The members were informed about the plans AMCHAM wants to achieve the next year and the challenges it has to face.
In that regard, the President informed the members about the challenges AMCHAM has overcome and the goals they have achieved the last year.
One of the highlights of the year, were the 2 visits of the President with delegates from the US embassy, to the AMCHAM in Trinidad and Tobago and the Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA). These visits eventually resulted in a highly successful trade mission to Suriname with the Association of Surinamese Manufacturers (ASFA).
Finally, the President addressed the members about the plans AMCHAM has set out to aspire. He also brought to the attention that the preparations for the Board Elections has already started.

There were also several requests from members, which were noted and taken into consideration. After the meeting, members remained for an informal get together with the CEO of Marriott Hotel.

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